Busy Bee Honey

Our Apiary is located on a 50 acre farm surrounded by lush fields of hay and wildflowers ,
near the Village of Tweed , Ontario in Hastings County. We produce our honey using organic
beekeeping methods - no chemicals are used in our hives. We feed our bees a holistic ,
all natural feed supplement of vitamins and essential oils which increases bee vitality and
overall bee health. Healthy bees are able to overcome disease and pests .

We have retired from Beekeeping.

We would like to THANK our customers
for supporting us over the years.

We have gently used candle making supplies available.

Inquire for details.

For more info please Email Us

Busy Bee Honey
2149 Quin Mo Lac Rd.
Tweed , ON.
K0K - 3J0

It takes 2.6 million floral visits to produce 1 lb. of honey.
100 million flowers will only produce about 50 lbs. of honey ,
not enough food for one honeybee colony to survive for one season.
To help the honeybees we need to plant a lot more flowers.